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Our Mandate

Billionairing™ assists Christian Churches by providing entrepreneur resources and funding to equip their people to create work in there community through local manufacturing.

About Us

We know the frustration of going with a great idea to a financial institution or incubation hub or government funding institutions or bank….then you get a no….not interested. It’s not good enough, or there is no feasibility… lack the skills… will not work. You know all that excuses, that everyone has. Out of this Billionairing™ was born with the heart of restoring dreams where hope is lost.


We know how frustrating it is to start a business and most entrepreneurs only have an idea not a business plan. However that is okey because idea’s are the starting point to build a great business. At Billionairing™ we believe that it is not if the idea will kick off, but rather when your idea will kick off. As a rule we do not turn down entrepreneurs, but rather give them the framework to improve and work on their idea to make it a sustainable business.


There is never enough funds and when the funds are available the entrepreneur lack the skills to manage it correctly. Billionairing™ minimise the risk with investing in entrepreneurs with our Billionairing™ Business Planning platform . Our investment approach gives the entrepreneur resources to educate themselves with mentorship as well as offers a trade only business platform to sell already established products while developing their own.


This allows them to generate an income and create a sustainable business all done under their own brand and company.

Hey, Entrepreneur

Restoring Dreams Where Hope Is Lost

The Hey, Entrepreneur section functions as a guide for entrepreneurs to help them improve their knowledge on business. The aim of Hey, Entrepreneur is to keep it simple and understandable with extra resources for the ones who want to do extra research..

Latest Business To Invest In

Short Description 

EL Genee is a solar energy generator for a fraction of the price. This modules can be clustered together to power up a whole house, office or workshop.
Project Name: EL Genee
Location: Centurion, South Africa
ROI: 20% Profit Sharing
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Short Description 

PrintZtec is a B2B printing provider in the digital sector of the printing market place. With technology that is state of the art to nullify error, it is a feasible opportunity to invest in.
Project Name: PrintZtec
Location: Midrand, South Africa
ROI: 15% Profit Sharing
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Short Description 

Off Grid Eco is a Residential Property development with 104 rental units. Modern modular housing structures are used which gives us a competitive edge in the construction. This building method reduces the cost by up to 40 %
Project Name: Off Grid Eco
Location: Pretoria, Annlin
ROI: 20% Profit Sharing Profit Sharing
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